I grew up by a forest with an oil well that blanketed the ground around it with an orange sludge. I used to find bullet casings in the sludge. The rain was sometimes so hard that it made everything silver, even the sludge. I dream of the silver color on the sludge and try to manifest that feeling.

As an artist I collect images and sounds, everything I make in one way or another comes from a reaction I have had to an impact humans have had on our world. I make physical paintings, animated paintings, soundtracks, and digital collages. I augment my paintings using many physical and digital methods. As pixels become like molecules digital images are free to be more like paintings, this is my favorite shift in artistic potential in history.

I have exhibited internationally at festivals, museums, and galleries. Past shows include The Utah Museum of Art, CutOut Festival Mexico City, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, London Experimental Film Festival, Plexus Projects, and the DUMBO film festival in Brooklyn, New York; as well as shows in Houston, Barcelona, Taiwan, and many others.