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I grew up in a rural area on the outskirts of Akron, Ohio–a city known for rubber production during the 20th century. As a kid, I got dirty a lot–collecting bones, fossils, and bullet casings in the rocks surrounding the oil well behind my house. The rocks were often coated with an orange film that smelled like diesel fuel. I went to college for painting in Akron. I liked to paint in my studio all night because the empty building felt like a time bubble and I could use toxic chemicals that made paint drip in interesting ways.
Since beginning as a painter I have expanded into sound, digital art, and video; which I have shown internationally at film festivals, museums and galleries. Past shows include The Utah Museum of Art, CutOut Festival Mexico City, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, London Experimental Film Festival, Plexus Projects, and the DUMBO film festival in Brooklyn, New York as well as shows in Houston, Barcelona, Kyiv, Taiwan, and others.
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