I grew up by a forest with an oil well that blanketed the ground around it with an orange sludge. I used to find bullet casings in the sludge. The rain was sometimes so hard that it made everything silver, even the sludge. I dream of the silver color on the sludge and try to manifest that feeling.

As an artist I collect images and sounds, everything I make contains a reflection of the visceral reaction I have to the human impact on the world. I make physical paintings, animated paintings, and digital collages. I photograph and digitally manipulate my paintings as an augmentation of my painting process. As pixels become like molecules digital images are free to be more like paintings. I hope they will be.

I have exhibited internationally at festivals, museums, and galleries. Past shows include CutOut Festival Mexico City, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, London Experimental Film Festival, and Plexus Projects in Brooklyn, New York; as well as shows in Houston, Barcelona, Taiwan, and many others.